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  • Up to 50% discount off all licence fees (excluding HMO licences)
  • Be recognised as a 'Fit & Proper' landlord
  • Gain support from the leading trade association for landlords
  • Easy to use property recording
  • Simple low cost monthly direct debit (Co-regulation scheme membership)
  • Plus all the services and support included in RLA Membership
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The aims of RLA Co-Regulation Scheme (Liverpool)

Welcome to the RLA Co-Regulation Scheme (Liverpool), providing landlords with property in the Liverpool area to meet the requirements of Liverpool City Council's citywide licensing scheme.

In recognition of RLA members' commitment to good practice, Liverpool City Council has authorised the RLA to be an official Co-regulation partner, offering all RLA Co-regulation members up to 50% off all license fees (excluding HMO Licences).

For further information on the benefits of the scheme, please see Why Join?

How does it work?

As a landlord you should have registered for a license with Liverpool City Council. If you have not yet done this, please do so immediately.

We understand that now the co-regulation schemes are live, you will be asked by Liverpool Council to complete your license application.

Once you receive your notification you should:

Step 1: Register with the RLA Co-regulation Scheme and submit your property information, once payment has been set up, you will receive your scheme ID.

Step 2: Now you have your RLA Co-Regulation scheme ID, you can complete your license application and claim your discount.

For further information about the scheme, see Why Join? or you can join today.


The RLA Co-Regulation scheme are working with Consider-Rate to give you some benefits during the licence period.

Consider-Rate is a private review site for the PRS only. (Not open to the public)


Consider-Rate was designed by landlords, agents and tenants to give advantages to all parties. It follows the Code of Practice principles and conforms to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Landlords and Agents have increased responsibility within the PRS, especially now in Liverpool. Using Consider-Rate will also encourage tenants to take up some of that responsibility too.

Designed to give better in depth information and feedback from Landlord to Tenant and vice versa Considerate will allow everyone to make better informed rental decisions and by doing so reduce their risk.

For further information please visit Consider-Rate's Liverpool Co-Regulation Signup page or email

There is a very small monthly fee per property for Consider-Rate and all RLA members will enjoy a 50% discount on that fee. Also, as this is new to Liverpool, no one will pay any fee whatsoever until there has been a viable size database created. This equates to 25 Liverpool Letting Agent branches (approx 10,000 tenants to start) of which the response has been very very positive.

You will be able to enjoy unlimited tenant reviews to help you find responsible tenants.