Join the RLA Co-regulation scheme

If you own and let at least one property in a Liverpool postcode, your property must be licenced for five years. Becoming a member of the RLA's Co-regulation scheme will provide you with a discount of every licence.

Before completing your Liverpool Landlord Licence application, you need to have successfully joined both the Residential Landlords Association and the RLA Liverpool Co-Regulation Scheme in order to be considered for licence discount - discounts can not be applied retrospectively.

You will need to be able to supply your unique RLA Liverpool Co-Regulation Scheme membership number on your application for licences to Liverpool City Council Licensing Team for consideration for the discount at outset.

You can apply to the RLA Liverpool Co-Regulation Scheme by completing all the relevant fields below. When your application has been satisfactorily completed you will receive instructions on how to complete the registration process.

Please note, if you are not currently a member of the Residential Landlords Association, please join first and return here later.


Co-regulation scheme fees:

  • £10 per property, per year (83p per month*)

*All Co-regulation scheme members pay via an affordable monthly Direct Debit, from just 83p per month.



Your RLA Membership

To be able to join the RLA Co-regulation scheme you must first be a member of the Residential Landlords Association.

If you are not currently a member of the RLA, please join the RLA today and return back to this site to become a Co-regulation scheme member.

If you are a member of the RLA please include your RLA details:

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