This privacy policy is designed to tell you how we collect information about you, how it is used and stored, and who it is passed to.

Landlords Accreditation Scheme

We operate the RLA Co-Regulation Scheme (Liverpool) (“the scheme”) in conjunction with your local authority (“the local authority”).


We know that you may be concerned about how information about your business is dealt with by us.  This privacy statement sets out how we deal with this information and how and when it may be shared with others.  We may change this statement at any time in the future. 

We maintain records of information concerning you and your business necessary for the purposes of managing the scheme.  Only information which is essential to the Scheme and is needed for the purpose of managing and operating the Scheme will be held by us.  This includes the details which we obtain from the local authority at the outset of your membership of the scheme or subsequently.  We keep records/information concerning your conduct in relation to premises owned or managed by you, tenancies under which you are the landlord/agent, tenants and residents and prospective tenants and residents, repairs, property condition and other relevant information which you would expect relating to your property letting/management business.  We collect this information to enable us to manage the scheme and carrying out our responsibilities under the scheme or under our agreement with the local authority.  This information will be retained while you remain as a member of the scheme and thereafter for so long as it is considered necessary.  Any staff employed by us or the local authority or our employees/agents or the local authority’s employees/agents may have access to this information.

Electronic information

When you visit we place a cookie on your computer so that we can follow your visit from page to page.
We store any information you provide to us within the United Kingdom.
Your information is not passed to any third party at any stage, except for the purpose of the accreditation process and details which are passed to our card processing companies when card processing, and to our anti-fraud company partners for fraud prevention. Your credit card or banking details are not stored by RLAAS Limited.
We will not divulge on your personal details (including email address) to anyone, except if required by law.

Third parties

When you sign the original application for membership and when it is renewed we ask you to consent to the disclosure of information by us to certain third parties, particularly the local authority and also for the local authority to share information with us. 

We may share information with the local authority and the local authority may share information with us which they hold.  This is to enable us to see how you conduct your business as a landlord/agent and to keep the local authority informed as to any issues or concerns.  Likewise, we receive information and reports from the local authority and we can make use of these reports/information for the purposes of managing the scheme, including taking action against you under the terms of the scheme to require compliance with your scheme responsibilities.   Only information which is essential to the Scheme and which is needed for the purposes of the Scheme operation will be shared between us and the local authority.

We may need on occasion to share a certain amount of information about you/your business with tenants/residents relevant to managing the scheme.

On occasion, in exceptional circumstances,  it may also be necessary for us to share information with others if we consider this to be appropriate and necessary either in your interests or to assist us in ensuring that you carry out your responsibilities under the scheme or to enable us to carry out our own responsibilities under the scheme.


What happens if the scheme ends?

If for any reason RLAAS Ltd. ceases to manage the local scheme in conjunction with the local authority, information which we hold will be returned to Liverpool City Council and not be retained in any format by RLAAS Ltd.